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You may consider starting a blog, but not being a writer keeps you away from starting one.

And I understand your frustration. 

When I started blogging, I had the same frustrations you have right now.

I asked myself like, how can I start a blog when I’m not good at English and can’t even finish writing a good sentence?

And I even wonder if I’m allowed to blog on topics that I’m not an expert on.

Sounds familiar?  

Even if it seems that starting a blog is against you, don’t let this stop you from starting one.

In this post, I will address the most common frustrations every aspiring blogger faces, and share some of my experiences on how I overcame them.

Why start a blog?

Starting a blog can be a life-changing decision.

It opens up new opportunities for personal growth, income, and sharing your passion with the world.

In the early days of blogging, this medium was primarily used to document a person’s life like a journal.

But today, blogging has evolved into something more.

Businesses saw a huge potential in leveraging blogs to increase leads, opened up a new industry in which a blog writer is in high demand, and allowed individuals to make money blogging online as a side income. 

When I started blogging, my primary goal was to express my thoughts and share my experiences. 

And you can still read my earliest blog posts today. 

But today, my goal is to share my knowledge and make money at the same time.

Now, you may want to start a blog just to keep a diary of yourself with no intention of making money, which is perfectly fine. 

And you can always make money from your blogs later if it’s something you would like to consider. 

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Common fears when starting a blog

Here are the common fears aspiring bloggers face when starting a blog and how to get rid of them.

Not good at writing

I often get feedback from some of my friends on how good my blog posts are. 

And some were surprised at how I improved my English that much. 

But what they actually see is an improved version of myself from proactive learning. 

Of course, my blogs are far from what experienced bloggers wrote, which is why I’m proactively learning how to write better for my blogs. 

But when I started out, I struggled with writing because I was not good at writing in English. 

Plus, I don’t have much writing experience before blogging.

I remember in my early days of blogging when I constantly let my friends check my work before I hit that publish button.  

And my drafts had more red lines than anything that I had ever seen in my life.

But just like any other skill, if you dedicate your time to practice, you will surely improve your writing eventually.

Here’s what my first blog looked like, and is still on the web. 

5 Tips to improve writing

Here are some tips to improve your writing skills.

1. Read, read, and read 

Read books, blogs, magazines, newspapers, or even food recipes.

When you build a habit of reading, you expose yourself to different writing styles and expand your vocabulary.

So if you read, you’ll be surprised how this would help you improve in writing.

2. Use writing tools

While there are tons of different tools that would help you improve your writing, the ones that I would be recommending are writing tools like Grammarly.

This tool helps you easily catch grammar mistakes, so you can just focus on creating engaging and useful content.

3. Practice 

I believe that practice makes perfect. And it also applies to blogging. 

In fact, It took me 3 blog sites (Personal, FaultyBlogger, Kamalayan) and 29 blog posts including the one that you are currently reading, to get to this point.

So no matter what your experience level is, keep on practicing. 

Even experienced bloggers still have room for improvement.

Keep in mind that blogging is fast-paced, where new trends and innovations happen in a short period of time.

4. Get feedback

You won’t know how good your writing is unless you have heard it from your reader.

So embrace constructive criticism. It will make you become a better blogger.

5. Seek a mentor

While it’s great to have a mentor who would help you personally in blogging, It is quite challenging to actually find a mentor in person.

Most successful bloggers who teach blogging are located in different parts of the world.

So the best way to learn from a mentor is to learn indirectly by reading their blogs, purchasing their courses, and trying to engage with them on social media.

Not an expert on the subject

You don’t have to be an expert to start a blog.

When I started blogging in FaultyBlogger, I was definitely not an expert in the subject of blogging. 

Especially with our blogging niche, make money online through blogging, where having an extensive knowledge of blogging is important.

But through blogging, it allows me to learn more about the subject and it eventually helps me become more knowledgeable today than when I started out. 

But definitely not on the expert level yet. 

So don’t be afraid to start a blog when you are not an expert on the subject.

In fact, you will be surprised how you’ll become an expert by starting a blog.

What matters most is that you are highly interested in learning in your chosen subject or niche. 

No blog ideas to write

There are a lot of blog post ideas to write for your blog that you could have ever imagined.

Like how your day looked like, or write yearly recaps like I did (2021, 2022, 2023), where I share what happened in my life throughout the year.

Or you could even focus on writing topics like Personal Finance. 

It’s a great topic to focus on if you want to learn about money management, like saving, budgeting, and making money. 

And this approach of narrowing a topic is known as blogging niches.

Plus, it’s one of the most profitable blogging niches too.

Don’t know how to start a blog site

When starting a blog, everyone thinks that they need to learn how to code. 

Well, this was a thing of the past. 

But today, you don’t need to write a single line of code. 

Thanks to the advent of blogging platforms like WordPress, which allows you to make a stunning blog site without coding in a matter of minutes. 

And some blogging platforms let you create an account, and start writing right away like Medium, and without the hard work of building your own blog site. 

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Final thoughts

Anyone can start a blog, regardless of their writing skills.

Let my experience be a living example that no matter how poor your writing is, there is always room for growth, one mistake at a time. 

And here at FautlyBlogger, we are committed and making sure that you get the best practical advice on blogging.

Ready to start blogging? Check out my tutorial on how to start a blog for beginners.

What frustrations have you experienced that prevent you from starting a blog, and what has helped you overcome those challenges? 

Share your experiences in the comments below.

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