10 Blog post ideas every new blogger needs

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Starting a blog is the easy part. However, having blog post ideas to write can be challenging for new bloggers. 

And that’s okay. All new bloggers experienced the same way. 

When I started blogging, It took me too long just to come up with a single blog post. In fact, I just write when I feel inspired! 

And the result? I wrote only a handful of blog posts in a single year. 

It was really not the best practice for writing a blog. Imagine if I stick to that practice up to this day. I wonder when I will be inspired to write again.

Will I be inspired to write today? Next week? Next month? Or next year? Well, I may end up quitting blogging before writing my next post.

Well, that won’t be a problem if you’re just writing for fun.

But if you want to start a blog that earns a profit, then you gonna need to follow the best practices of making money blogging online.

In this article, I have curated 10 blog post ideas to consider for a new blogger like you. So don’t wait until you feel inspired to write your next blog post.  

And because you can’t be a blogger without writing a blog post, here is my list for you.

1. Introduction post

Introduce yourself and your blog. Let your readers know what to expect on your blog. 

By having an introduction post, your readers will get to know you better and may decide if your blog is worth following. 

Have you ever followed the journey of your friends on how they got started, and are now highly successful in their careers? That’s what it feels like to follow a new blog. 

Our readers wanted us to succeed on our blog too. They want to know our struggles, how vulnerable we are, and how authentic we are.

So when your blog becomes a success in the future, your readers will be grateful for tuning in because they were part of your blog’s journey. 

Here’s an example of an introductory post from mostlymorgan.

2. Behind-the-scenes 

Offer your readers a glimpse into your typical day as a blogger. 

You may be able to read an article as fast as 3 minutes or less, but the time it takes an author to produce such content may take 4 hours or more.  

Having to share a behind-the-scenes post to your readers shows how transparent you are, and may result in a loyal following. 

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DID YOU KNOW? More than 50% of bloggers are 21 to 35 years old.

3. Beginner tips and tutorials

If you have experience in certain skills, you may consider writing a how-to post. And try to explain complex subjects in an easy-to-digest blog post so beginners can easily understand. 

Here’s an example of a tutorial I made on how to start a blog for beginners.

4. Frequently asked questions answered

 Create a blog post about the frequently asked questions in your niche. And try to compile every answer into one comprehensive resource.

Your readers may appreciate you for providing them with answers in one blog without looking for answers somewhere else.

Here’s an example of a blog post from browneyedbaker.

5. Question and answer session

Your readers may want to learn more about you. And having a question and answer (Q&A) session would be a great blog post to try as a new blogger.

For this to work, you may need to submit your readers questions on what they would like to hear from you.

How did you get started? How did you start making money from your blog? How do you afford to travel the world? These were questions that Jackson answered from his blog, journeyera. 

6. Resource roundup

A resource roundup post is a curated collection of different tools and ideas from different sources. This type of post allows you to give recommendations and insights about the topic.

15 Best places to visit in the Philippines is an example of a resource roundup post. 

You may also compile a list of intriguing facts related to your niche, like what Lonely Planet did on their blog.  

7. Personal reflections

As a new blogger, a personal reflection blog post allows you to share your experiences, challenges, and achievements with your readers. 

In my personal blog, I write a yearly recap (2021 | 2022 | 2023), so I can keep a diary of myself to reflect on as I get older. 

From time to time, I keep on reading those recaps and reflecting on how things are going now. 

And I must tell you, there’s a lot of growth for me after writing those recaps. This type of post also builds engagement such as leaving a comment on your post because it’s authentic and relatable. 

And because my readers seem to like my yearly recaps, it motivates me to keep on writing every year. 

Here’s one of the comments from one my my yearly review posts that keeps me motivated.

screenshot of a comment section

By the end of year 2024, FautlyBlogger will release its first year in review. So you better tune in for this. 

The frequency of your personal reflection blog post will depend on your preference and blogging goals. Some bloggers choose daily, weekly, quarterly, or yearly. 

This decision is totally up to you. 

8. Collaboration

An example of a collaborative blog post is inviting a guest post from another blogger to your blog. 

Having a guest blogger provides your audience with a diverse perspective, brings their audience to your blog, and shares their unique skills and expertise. 

And if you think that it’s too much to ask from another blogger, most bloggers will consider writing for your blog.

Why? Because guest posting is a best practice for off-page SEO.

Here’s an example of a guest post by Jon Rude Falsner on Problogger.

9. Product Reviews

Help your readers make informed decisions by reviewing products on your blog.

The review may cover different aspects of the product such as features, functionality, performance, usability, and if it is worth their penny.

Here’s how MacRumors created a product review for an iPhone 15 Pro.

10. Comparison

And while comparison posts seem to be the same as product reviews, comparison typically compares two or more products.

 And both offer useful information for your reader to make informed decisions when it’s time for them to buy.

If you have affiliate links, this is a great time to place them on your blog post and start earning money from your blog post.  

Final thoughts

These ten blog post ideas are fundamental for new bloggers like you. 

By incorporating these posts into your blog, it allows you to connect with your audience, demonstrate expertise, and build a successful blog.

Keep in mind that consistency and authenticity are key drivers of success. 

To keep your momentum going, consider creating a content calendar. This will allow you to have enough blog post ideas throughout the year, and blog consistently on a schedule.

Which blog post idea is your favorite from my list? Let me know in the comments below.

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